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Music Resources

Types of Music Reference Sources

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Useful for jump-starting any research project or for finding basic information, music dictionaries and encylopedias are shelved in the ML 100's, both in the reference section and on the reference table.


Useful for finding recordings in any format, discographies are shelved in the reference section under ML 156.


Bibliographies are lists of sources on almost any music topic.  Bio-bibliographies focus listing sources about a specific composer.  Bibliographies are shelved in the reference section under ML 120-128, and bio-bibliographies are shelved under ML 134.

Thematic Catalogs

Thematic Catalogs are detailed lists of a single composer's compositions, including information on manuscript locations, publication, premiere locations and dates, and much more.  Thematic catalogs are shelved with the bio-bibliographies in the reference section under ML 134.