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Music Resources

Advanced Catalog Search

Using the advanced catalog search will help you narrow your results. You can limit search results by location (such as Music Library), format (book, score, journal. CD, etc.), and more!

Music Library Locations

When locating resources in the Music Library, double check the item location to determine where in the library it is shelved. Physical locations in the Music Library include reference, reference table, general collection, miniature scores, or oversized scores. All library sections are clearly labeled. If you need help, you can always visit the front desk!

  • MUSIC/GENERAL COLLECTION (Circulation): Music General Collection (books and scores that can be checked out of the library)
  • MUSIC/REFERENCE: Music Reference (books and scores that cannot be checked out, but are for in-library use)
  • MUSIC/READY REFERENCE: Frequently used Music Reference Items such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and language resources (books and scores that cannot be checked out, but are for in-library use)
  • MUSIC/MINI SCORES: Miniature & Study Scores
  • MUSIC/OVERSIZE: Oversized Scores