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Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Resources

Researching Women, Gender & Sexuality

Pay attention.  This is important.

GENDER STUDIES IS INNATELY INTERDISCIPLINARY.  One cannot research women or gender alone without investigating one or more other fields of study.  When researching women's history, also search in history resources.  When researching literature by women, also search in literature resources.  When researching employment trends for female scientists, also search in business resources.  (You thought I was going to say science resources, didn't you?)   UH Libraries has research guides like this on all major subject areas and many minor ones. Investigate research tools recommended on those sites, as well.

WHAT ARE PRIMARY MATERIALS?  Primary materials are documents or information-bearing objects that were created at a time period being studied.  Letters, photographs, receipts, clothing, sound and video recordings and diaries are all examples of primary materials. Researchers analyze primary sources to create books, papers or other works of scholarship (which, in turn, become SECONDARY sources).  Researchers have access to many  primary materials on women's history in the M.D. Anderson Library's Special Collections.  Click on the "Primary and Archival Collections" tab at left to discover this collections.

WHAT IS A DATABASE?  A database is a searchable collection of data.  The databases on this guide are packaged by publishers and other vendors and available to UH researchers because the library subscribes to them.  UH researchers need to use the library's websites or catalog to access them, as they are not freely available on the Internet.  Many of the databases found on this guide are focused on a particular subject, such as gender or health.  

Use databases to search for materials that are focused and specific.  

VARY YOUR SEARCH TERMS  Search engines and databases cannot interpret search terms or understand nuance.  They seek exact matches.  Therefore, experiment with different search terms and phrases in order to search effectively.