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Social Policy Resources

Welcome to the Social Policy Research Guide! Within this guide, you will find information and links to Social Policy related resources that you may find useful for your classwork and research.

Finding Legislation-Texas

The links below will connect you to Texas legislative resources relevant to social policy research.

Texas: Legislation

For how a bill becomes law in Texas, see this page from the Texas House of Representatives. The Texas Legislative Council also provides more detailed information on the legislative process in this guide.

Texas Legislature Online (TLO)
Provides links to a number of sources of legislative and related information, including a calendar of important dates for the legislative session, a legislative glossary, and websites for the senate, house of representatives, and legislative agencies. TLO enables users to track legislation and to search for, view, and print bill text, bill history, bill analysis, fiscal notes, amendments, and summaries of enrolled bills. Users can also obtain information about senate and house members, committee membership, minutes, witness lists, schedules, and calendars.

Legislative Reference Library
Provides current and historical information on Texas legislative members, state leaders, committees, legislation, and legislative sessions. It also includes such resources as:

  • Legislative Archive System
    Contains legislation from the 33rd to 42nd Legislatures (1913 to 1931) and the 46th to 79th Legislatures (1939 to 2006).
  • Bill-Chapter Cross Reference Tables
    Allows users to convert a chapter number found in a session law citation to its corresponding bill number, and vice versa, from the 16th Legislature (1879) to the present. This resource is built into the direct search function of the Legislative Archive System.
  • Index to Sections Affected
    Allows users to determine whether a code section has been or will be affected by a bill or if a bill has affected or will affect sections of the Texas statutes. This resource includes lists from the 74th and 75th Legislatures (1995 to 1997) and a searchable database for the 76th Legislature (1999) through the present.

Other Sources for Finding Legislation

Texas Statutes and Courts