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Government Information Resources

Find print and electronic resources, including websites, from the U.S. government

In This Guide

Icon of a person teachingThis guide is intended to help students from a variety of subject areas who might need to use government information in their research. In this guide, you will find help and resources on how to:

  • understand different types of government information;
  • access US government documents in physical and online formats;
  • and find data from national, regional, and local government agencies.

The UH Libraries are a member of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) and maintain a physical collection in the basement of the M.D. Anderson Library. Electronic resources can be found through the library's website. Note: not all of the physical resources are listed in our catalog, so please let us know if you need assistance by reaching out at

What are Government Documents?

Government documents are generally any sort of official publication produced by a government agency or entity, whether it's in a physical format or an online resource. These can come from local, regional, national, or international organizations and are generally considered public record. They tend to cover a wide range of topics and serve a variety of purposes, depending on which specific group has created them. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • legislative materials, including bills and statutes
  • reports disseminating information on research studies or policy
  • budget and other financial information
  • census and statistical data
  • campaign and election materials

Use the guide menu to find some of these different types of government information, and learn more about their potential uses.