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Chemistry Resources

Welcome to the Chemistry Research Guide! Within this guide, you will find information and links to Chemistry-related resources that you may find useful for your classwork and research.

What is Data?

Data is information that can be analyzed and interpreted in order to develop a new knowledge or understanding of a topic. 

  • Qualitative data describes a perception about the qualities or characteristics of something, and usually takes the format of notes, audio, video, or transcripts. Qualitative data can be collected through observation, surveys, interviews, or focus groups.
  • Quantitative data is numerical information and can be collected through measurement, surveys, or observations.

Chemistry uses both qualitative and quantitative data. Most of the data sources you will find on this page provide quantitative data about observed and measured phenomena. This data may be useful to you if you are seeking to understand more about particular chemical interactions, reaction mechanisms, chemical properties, and more! This data may also be useful if you are looking to conduct new analyses using previously collected information.

Chemical Property Resources at UH Libraries

a flask sits atop an open book


UH Libraries provides access to comprehensive databases for chemical literature that can be used to find chemical and physical property information. 

Free Chemical Information Resources on the Web

chemical structure on a computer screenThere are a number of free sources of chemical information on the web. Use the links below to access property data, safety information, energetics data, and more!