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Chemistry Resources

Welcome to the Chemistry Research Guide! Within this guide, you will find information and links to Chemistry-related resources that you may find useful for your classwork and research.

Why Use Books?

Books typically provide an overview of either a specific or generalized topic. Books can be used to learn more about a new subject or to develop an understanding for the full breadth a topic. Because books typically take longer to publish than articles, the information within a book may not always be the most recent available. 

Search for Books

book with a download buttonSearch our library catalog to find both print books and eBooks in our collections. You can also search for course reserves, theses and dissertations, newspapers, and streaming media!

Browsing the Print Collection

five books on a shelfPrint books at UH Libraries are organized by subject areas and arranged using the designated call numbers for those subject areas. Books related to chemistry are mostly contained within call number sections that begin with QD. Chemistry books are arranged within call numbers as follows.


QD Chemistry

QD 1 - 65: General chemistry, including alchemy

QD 71 - 142: Analytical chemistry

QD 146 - 197: Inorganic chemistry

QD 241 - 441: Organic chemistry

  • QD 415 - 436: Biochemistry

QD 450 - 801: Physical and theoretical chemistry

  • QD 625 - 655: Radiation chemistry
  • QD 701 - 731: Photochemistry

QD 901 - 999: Crystallography

Use the call numbers guide to determine where print books are located.