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Chemistry Resources

Welcome to the Chemistry Research Guide! Within this guide, you will find information and links to Chemistry-related resources that you may find useful for your classwork and research.

What is a Journal Article?

What is a journal article?

Most of what you retrieve from our databases are journal articles. Journal articles are primarily written by scholars to communicate and share knowledge with the scientific community. Journal articles are appropriate to use when you want to cite information that comes from the experts.

There are several types of journal articles in the sciences: 

  • Original research articles share the results of experimental studies as well as their broader implications.
  • Short reports or letters are sometimes published in advance of a full original research article in order to communicate interesting or time-sensitive preliminary data.
  • Literature reviews are intended to provide a comprehensive synthesis of the known information on a topic. 
  • Case studies share specific experiences the authors had trying out new ideas or exploring new phenomena. 
  • Methodologies, Methods, and Protocols offer new ways to perform procedures, tests and assessments, or experiments.

Original research articles and literature reviews are probably the most common articles you will find. Which types of articles you use will depend on the type of information you are looking for. It may be appropriate to cite more than one article type in your own work.

Core Chemistry Databases

chemical structure on a computer screenThe following databases are standard resources for all things chemistry, including research articles, patents, reactions, chemical substance information, and more.

Cited Reference Searching

train engine icon Web of Science and Scopus are multidisciplinary article databases that allow you to navigate forward and backward through cited literature so that you can follow the train of scholarly conversation on a topic.

Interdisciplinary Research

magnifying glassThe following databases may be especially useful for chemistry research that may be interdisciplinary in nature. You may also be interested in exporing the resources on the following guides: Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering


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