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SOCW 7367 & SOCW 8334 - Social Policy Research

Information Resources for SOCW6351 Class

About This Guide

This guide provides information resources and search tips for social policy research, including those for finding:

  • Journal Articles: Introduce databases for finding scholarly and trade journal articles
  • Books: Introduce the library catalog and search tips. Library catalog is the tool for finding books and other materials at the library. 
  • Editorials & Opinions: List databases that contain articles published in newspapers and news magazines. You can search specifically for editorials or opinions using those databases.
  • Legislative/Government Info: Provides information resources from the state and federal government.  You can gain access to the U.S. and Texas legislation information from this section.
  • Think Tank Reports: Provide access to think tank websites and databases that contain think tank reports.
  • Statistical Resource: List library databases and web resources that provide stats and poll data.
  • Online Journals: List selected journals related to social policy research.
  • Web Resources: Provides access to websites that supply information for domestic and international policy research.
  • APA Style Guide: List sources that help to answer many of your questions regarding how to cite in APA style.

An Example of Policy Research

Lagana-Riordan, C. C., & Aguilar, J. P. (2009). What's missing from No Child Left Behind? A policy analysis from a social work perspective. Children & Schools, 31(3), 135-145

Quick Links to Library Services

Information Life Cycle

Information life cycle explained by librarians at the UNLV Libraries: