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What are Research Guides?

Research Guides are online tools created by librarians to help you get started with research. The guides on this page can help you identify the best resources and strategies for finding articles and other information sources for a specific subject or course.

SOCW 7367 & SOCW 8334 - Social Policy Research

Information Resources for SOCW6351 Class

About This Guide

This guide provides information resources and search tips for social policy research, including those for finding:

  • Journal Articles: Introduce databases for finding scholarly and trade journal articles
  • Books: Introduce the library catalog and search tips. Library catalog is the tool for finding books and other materials at the library. 
  • Editorials & Opinions: List databases that contain articles published in newspapers and news magazines. You can search specifically for editorials or opinions using those databases.
  • Legislative/Government Info: Provides information resources from the state and federal government.  You can gain access to the U.S. and Texas legislation information from this section.
  • Think Tank Reports: Provide access to think tank websites and databases that contain think tank reports.
  • Statistical Resource: List library databases and web resources that provide stats and poll data.
  • Online Journals: List selected journals related to social policy research.
  • Web Resources: Provides access to websites that supply information for domestic and international policy research.
  • APA Style Guide: List sources that help to answer many of your questions regarding how to cite in APA style.

An Example of Policy Research

Lagana-Riordan, C. C., & Aguilar, J. P. (2009). What's missing from No Child Left Behind? A policy analysis from a social work perspective. Children & Schools, 31(3), 135-145

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