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Medicine Resources

Resources available at the University of Houston Libraries.

Curriculum Resources

This page includes links and instructions for resources to support you as you move through the curriculum, including resources with test question banks.


BoardVitals is a board review tool which includes a bank of test questions. See below for instructions on how to access BoardVitals within the larger resource in which it is housed, STAT!Ref.

Please begin by clicking on the STAT!Ref link below.

Scroll down a bit and click on "BoardVitals."


Click on "Open BoardVitals."


Register for an account.


Choose your question bank(s), and then click "Go to Dashboard."


Lecturio is an application that enables students to learn, retain, apply and study medicine from anywhere with video lectures integrated into a powerful question bank. Users can log into Lecturio, after receiving an invitation email to set up a password.

More information is available from the Office of Medical Education.