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Mexican American & Latino/a Studies

Use this guide to help navigate your research in Mexican American and Latino/a Studies.

Citing Your Sources

Citing Unique Materials

a scroll with a quillYou may be using unique materials that might not necessarily have a suggested citation format. The Special Collections department at UH Libraries offers some guidance for citing special collections materials and primary sources: Citing Special Collections Materials.

Why do we cite sources?

An important component to incorporating sources into your research and assignments is to appropriately cite them. To understand why citing sources is important, watch the video below:

Video Transcript of "Why do we cite sources?"

Most citation styles require:

  • an in-text citation within the narrative portion of your assignment, and 
  • a bibliographic citation at the end of your assignment. 

It is important to keep track of where your information is coming from so that you can appropriately credit its source. Citing your sources lends credibility to your work, honors the contributions of others, and leads your readers to research that will help them learn more about your topic. 

For more information about how to properly cite your sources, consult the style handbook assigned by your professor for your course. You can also check out the UH Libraries guide to Citation Styles at

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