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Health & Human Performance Resources

Especially for Grad Students

Read this page for information on the following topics:

  • Find High Impact Journals
  • What is a Literature Review?
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • Citation Management Tools
  • Avoid Predatory Publishing

Find High Impact Journals

What is a Literature Review?

This is a great overview from NC State on the topic.  Read this before starting your thesis or your next paper!

Citation Resources

Follow the links below for information on citation styles and citation management tools such as RefWorks, EndNote, and Zotero.

Annotated Bibliographies

Avoid Predatory Publishing

Alongside the increasing popularity of legitimate open access publishing, there has also been a rise in what is known as predatory (or questionable) publishing. Predatory publishers solicit and accept manuscripts and fees from authors, but do not provide the editorial and peer review services that are part of legitimate scholarly publishing.*

It is a good idea to be wary of publishers soliciting articles or conference presentations from you.  The Online tools listed below can help you ensure you are getting a respected, reputable, peer-reviewed journal article. These online tools lists containing journals that have been strictly vetted to be peer-reviewed.

*Bowman, J.D. (2014). Predatory Publishing, Questionable Peer Review, and Fraudulent Conferences. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 78(10), 176.

Online tools:

Please note that PubMed includes journals that are NOT indexed in MEDLINE. Be sure to set your limits to MEDLINE.

How to limit PubMed search results to MEDLINE only:

Since PubMed includes many non-MEDLINE journals, it can be helpful to limit PubMed search results to show MEDLINE journals only. This helps to ensure that predatory journals are not included in your search results. Remember to access PubMed through UH's link ( to ensure full-text availability.

  • Click on PubMed.                                                                                
  • Enter search string
  • Click on "Additional filters" in left-side menu
  • Click on "Journal"
  • Check the box next to "MEDLINE"
  • Click on "Show"
  • Check the box next to "MEDLINE" in left-side menu