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COMM 4360/4366 - Advertising Media & Account Planning (Fall 2023)

Find industry and market information for your media & account planning reports.

In This Guide

Teacher gesturing towards writing on a boardIn COMM 4360 and 4366, you will create a market report using research related to the given case study.  This year, your case study is focused on Tide. This guide is intended to provide resources that will support your work for your reports in COMM 4360 and 4366. The sections in this guide cover how to:

  • Find background information on the company
  • Conduct research on the company's industry
  • Find key information and use market research for your media plan

Use the menu to find the relevant section that will help you further your learning.

A Note about Searching Library Databases

You might be used to using natural language searching when you use Google, meaning you use everyday terminology and perhaps even complete sentences to find what you need. However, you'll notice that same strategy is not as effective in the libraries' databases. Instead, you'll need to spend some time identifying the keywords from your research topic or question and using those as a starting point for developing effective search terms. The following video goes into more detail on what this process can look like:

Video Transcript

If you want to learn more about developing search terms and other search strategies that will help you find the information you need, you can complete the Search Terms and Strategies online lesson, or use the worksheet to guide your process.