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COMM 4360/4366 - Advertising Media & Account Planning (Spring 2023)

Find industry and market information for your media & account planning reports.

What is background information?

stack of booksBackground information can help you learn more about your topic and develop your research question and approach.

For your project, the majority of your research for background information will be focused on Indeed. Sources for this information may include websites, social media posts, and news about the brand and its parent company. These will be important primary sources about Indeed.

Background information will add the following benefits to your research process:

  • introduces you to important terms and concepts,
  • shows you how the brand has been marketed in the past,
  • provides ideas for next steps in the research process.

Indeed has provided information to you about their brand and goals. Be sure to keep a critical eye when considering and evaluating this information. While it is not likely to be completely inaccurate, the company will have their own interest as a priority, so you will need to be sure that you consider any ways that bias may be impacting how they represent themselves.

For best results, seek background information early in the research process. Then, you can use what you learn about the brand when you seek secondary sources, which are not specifically about Indeed, but will help you build your report, such as demographic information or industry reports.

Doing Background Research

The following resources will be good places to start your background research, whether you're researching the company itself or the market the product serves. These might not be the only resources you use, but will give you an easy starting point.