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Vocal Resources

Vocal Music & Songs

Use the following information to explore vocal music resources in the Music Library. 

Call Numbers for Browsing Scores

Songs with piano accompaniment or unaccompanied

M 1619      Collections of general songs by two or more composers
M 1619.5   Collections of songs by two or more composers with words by special poets
M 1620      Collections of songs by one composer
M 1621      Separate works with piano accompaniment
M 1621.2   Separate works, unaccompanied
M 1621.3   Separate works, with piano and one other instrument
M 1621.4   Separate works, song cycles

Songs with single instrumental accompaniment (not piano)

M 1623      Collections of songs with guitar, mandolin or banjo accompaniment
M 1623.4   Collections of songs with harp accompaniment
M 1623.5   Collections of songs with lute accompaniment
M 1623.8   Collections of songs with other accompanying instrument
M 1624      Separate works with guitar, mandolin or banjo accompaniment
M 1624.4   Separate works with harp accompaniment
M 1624.5   Separate works with lute accompaniment
M 1624.7   Separate works with wind instrument accompaniment
M 1624.8   Separate works with other accompanying instrument

Songs with ensemble accompaniment

M 1611      Collections of full scores, original compositions
M 1612      Collections of vocal scores with piano accompaniment
M 1613      Full scores, separate works with orchestra
M 1613.3   Full scores, separate works with string orchestra, band or ensemble
M 1614      Vocal scores, separate works with piano accompaniment
M 1615      Collections of full scores, arrangements
M 1616      Collections of vocal scores with piano accompaniment, arranged
M 1617      Full scores of separate songs
M 1618      Vocal scores, separate songs with piano accomapniment, arranged

Call Numbers for Singing and Vocal Technique

Singing and Vocal Technique

MT 821                 Physiology and Care of Voice
MT 825 - 853      Systems and Methods
MT 890                Studies and Exercises
MT 898 - 915      Vocal Techniques for Children