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Art Resources for Blaffer Art Museum Exhibits

Guide to Blaffer Art Museum Exhibits



The Blaffer Art Museum houses the Reading Nook in collaboration with the William R. Jenkins Architecture and Art Library.  It is a companion reading space within the museum to complement exhibits.  On a rotating basis, the museum features selected books which viewers are invited to read during visits.  Books that complement the current exhibits are selected to provide museum visitors with a way to deepen their perspective of the exhibitions' concepts, philosophy, and aesthetics.The Reading Nook may contain recommendations by exhibition curators, museum and library staff, and exhibiting artists. The complete selections are featured here, and are categorized, so that you can easily find topics that match your interests.

Caroline Mesquita: Noctambules

Dreams and the Uncanny

Robots, Dolls, Effigies

Video Art and Stop Motion

Nouveau Réalisme

Molly Zuckerman Hartung: Comic Relief

Artist's Suggested Reading List

A Summary of Abstract Art and Women in Painting

The Beginnings of Collage Art

The Idea of Process Art

Ideas Expressed Through Punk Culture

Queer and Feminist Theories and Its Effects on Art Education

Art Education

Art for Children from K-12 and STEM policies in education

Jagdeep Raina: Bonds

Gender and Queer Identity

Phulkari Shawl Tradition

Kashmiri and Punjabi Diaspora

Voices of Partition and Oral History

Artistic Themes

Martine Gutierrez: Radiant Cut

Self-Portrait Artists since Postmodernism

Self-Portrait Photography as a means of Identity Expression

Latin American and Indigenous Perspectives on Identity and Religion

Latine/Guatemalteco (Latino/Guatemalan) Art

Queer, Trans and Marginalized Communities Portrayed in Photography

Intimacy Provided by Photography

Understanding Feminist Art and Ideas

A Brief History of Guatemala

Issues of Femicide and Politicization of Gender in Latin America

Ideas of Fashion, Beauty, and Glamour in the Western World

An Overview of Photo, Video, and Performance Art

Past Exhibitions

Simon Fujiwara: Hope House

Diary Writing

Anne Frank as Cultural Icon

The Diary of Anne Frank

Historical Houses

Contemporary Art and Learning

Genocide, Ethics, Charity

Contemporary Art Practices

Paul Mpagi Sepuya

History of Photography/Portraiture


Greek Art as the Foundation of Western Art

Eroticism in Art

Artists Working in their Space


Materials and Process

Nudity and the Human Body in Art

Night Life

Additional and Further Reading

Artist's Suggested Reading List

Jaqueline Nova

Jaqueline Nova Annotated Bibliography

Mariam Ghani: What We Left Unfinished

Archives & History

Modern Afghanistan History

Contemporary Art from the Middle East and Its Diaspora

Film as a Political Tool

Importance of Film Archives

Making of the Modern Middle East

Political Nostalgia

Postcolonial Studies

Amie Siegel: Medium Cool

Selection of Resources Related to Exhibition: Art Market

Selection of Resources Related to Exhibition: Architecture

Selection of Resources Related to Exhibition: Artistic Method

Selection of Resources Related to Exhibition: Museums

Selection of Resources Related to Exhibition: Globalization and Materialism



Feast: radical hospitality in contemporary art / edited by Stephanie Smith

Lee Mingwei: the living room / Jennifer R. Gross, Lewis Hyde

Beer,art and philosophy: the act of drinking beer with friends is the highest form of art / a memoir by Tom Marioni

Art & Museum

The 'do-it-yourself' artwork / edited by Anna Dezeuze

The Art Museum / by Phaidon Press

Hold it against me: difficulty and emotion in contemporary art / Jannifer Dolye

Philosophy & Aesthetics

Relational aesthetics / Nicolas Bourriaud

Of hospitality / Jacques Derrida

Making sense of taste: food and philosophy / Carolyin Korsmery

Everyday Aesthetics / Yoriko Saito

Lighthouse in the Sea of Time

Exhibition, Art & Photography

Zineb Sedira : Saphi / Zineb Sedira

Displacement & difference: contemporary Arab visual culture in the diaspora / Fran Lloyd

Contemporary Arab women's art: dislogues of the present / Siumee H. Keelan

Time and photography / Jan Baetens

Terra Corpus


The Gulag Archipelago: 1918-1956: an experiment in literary investigation / Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn 

Catherine the Great: portrait of a woman / Robert K. Massie

Peter the Great, his life and world / Robert K. Massie

Peter the Great Transforms Russia / James Cracraft

Chasing the sea: lost among the ghosts of empire in Central Asia / Tom Bissel

The icon and the axe; an interpretive history of Russian culture / by James H. Billington

Artist Monographs & Writings

Natural History & Ecology

Arctic dreams : imaginations and desire in a Northern landscape/ Barry Lopez

The Devil and the Disappearing Sea: A True Story About the Aral Sea Catastrophe / Rob Ferguson

Under the sea-wind; a naturalist's picture of ocean life / Rachel Carson


A hero of our time / Mikhail Lermontove

Crime and punishment / Fyodor Dostoevsky

Passage to Juneau: a sea and its meanings / Jonathan Raban

Petersburg: a novel in eight chapters with a prologue and an epilogue / Andrei Bely



The secret doctrine / H. P. Blavatsky

Wanderlust: a history of walking / Rebecca Solnit

Under suspicion : a phenomenology of the media / Rebecca Solnit

Introduction to antiphilosophy/ Boris Groys

Art power/ Boris Groys

Janet Biggs: Echo of the Unknown

Janet Biggs: Echo of the Unknown

Jens Brockmeier, Hilde Lindemann, and Lars-Christer Hayden 

Janelle L. Wilson 

Understanding Autobiographical Memory: Theories and Approaches / David C. Rubin and Dorhte Berntsen

Memory / Mary Warnock



Young Adult Literature

Alzheimer's Case Studies & Novels

Exhibition Catalogs

No Limits: Janet Biggs / Essays by Berta Sichel, Todd D. Smith, Andrea Inselmann, and Nancy Princenthal

Extremes / Janet Biggs and Nancy

Janet Biggs Andrea Inselmann

Verge: Janet Biggs Todd Smith

Flight: Janet Biggs Jane Harris

Articles on the Artist

Mel Chin: Rematch

Background Knowledge

Culture wars : the struggle to define America / James Davison Hunter

Brush with death : a social history of lead poisoning / Christian Warren.

The Secret Symbols Of The Dollar Bill: A Closer Look At The Hidden Magic And Meaning Of The Money You Use Every Day / David Ovason

Artist Monographs & Writings


Art 21: art in the twenty-first century. Seasons one and two


No zoning : artists engage Houston /

Toby Kamps and Meredith Goldsmith

ART IN REVIEW; Mel Chin, Arlan Huang, Bing Lee.

Spark : how creativity works / Julie Burstein ; foreword by Kurt Andersen.

Living as form : socially engaged art from 1991-2011 / edited by Nato Thompson.

Mel Chin: Rematch / Mel Chin, Miranda Isabel Lash, New Orleans Museaum of Art, Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis, Blaffer Art Museum at the University of Houston. 

The Funk & Wag from A to Z / Mel Chin, Nick Flynn, Menil Collection. 


Art & Natural Sciences

To life! : eco art in pursuit of a sustainable planet / Linda Weintraub.

Land and environmental art / edited by Jeffrey Kastner ; survey by Brian Wallis

Conversations before the end of time / Suzi Gablik

Art and Social Change: A Critical Reader / Charles Esche

Anatomy Of A Rose: Exploring The Secret Life Of Flowers / Sharman Apt Russell



Zina Saro-Wiwa: Did You Know We Taught Them How to Dance?

Zina Saro-Wiwa: Did You Know We Taught Them How to Dance?

Cultural Context


Teresa Hubbard | Alexander Birchler: Sound Speed Marker

Henning Bohl | Sergei Tcherepnin Early Awnings

Matthew Ronay

Matthew Ronay

Greek Mythology

Hilary Lloyd

Hilary Lloyd

The City of Houston

Analia Saban

Analia Saban


Art History Survey


Artist's Recommendations

The Propeller Group

Propeller Group

June 3 – September 30, 2017

This is the first U.S. exhibition of The Propeller Group, an artist collective based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, who came together from a shared interest in globalized street culture and a background in filmmaking. Working in innovative ways, The Propeller Group’s three members delve into the material culture of Vietnam while adapting the visual forms of international popular culture.

Contemporary Asian Art/Collectives

Journalism and Documentation

Art as Activism




Contemporary Issues: Works of Paper

Feminism and Art

Conferences and Exhibitions on Feminist Art

Artists featured in original exhibition at Los Angeles Woman's Building

Extended Reading on Above Subjects

Immortality for All: A Film Trilogy on Russian Cosmism

Russian Cosmism

Anton Vidokle

The Future is Certain; it's the Past Which is Unpredictable

Exhibition Catalogues

Russian Cosmism

Eastern European Art and Theory

Artists Included in Exhibition

Richard Rezac

Exhibition Catalogues

Influences by Architecture

Influences by Sculpture


Art Education Resources

Critical Thinking, Visual Literacy, and Multiculturalism in Art Education

Critical Thinking in Art Education

Visual Literacy in Art Education

Multiculturalism in Art Education

Art Resources for Children from K-12


Art Education Resources: E-Books

Critical Thinking, Visual Literacy, and Multiculturalism in Art Education : E-Books