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HDCS 1300 - Human Ecosystems and Technological Change

Learn to research human and consumer needs and values.

What is academic or "scholarly" research?

For your final research assignments, you will need scholarly sources to be the majority of the sources you cite. It's not always obvious what is meant by "scholarly" or even what these sources look like. These scholarly or academic research sources are often in form of articles published in subject-specific publications called journals. You can usually only access them online or through the UH Libraries. These articles are written by researchers for other researchers. The following video will explain scholarly, academic sources in more detail:

Where can I find academic research?

Now that you know what scholarly, academic research articles look like, you can use use the information you gained from background sources, along with the search tips you learned from the Search Terms & Strategies lesson to look for them. The UH Libraries have hundreds of databases with research articles in every subject area taught at this university, but the following databases are a great place for you to research for this class.

These are just a few databases that will be most useful to your research. You can also browse databases available through UH Libraries by subject area (look at the databases listed for Human Development and Consumer Sciences) or you can also use Google Scholar (just be sure you've linked it to UH Libraries).