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HDCS 1300 - Human Ecosystems and Technological Change

Learn to research human and consumer needs and values.

Bronfenbrenner & Ecological Systems Theory

The research paper for HDCS 1300 may be on a topic of your choosing (approved by your instructor) but it must include connections between your ideas and the theoretical perspective of Urie Bronfenbrenner, developmental psychologist. Bronfenbrenner created the ecological systems theory of child development, also known as the bioecological model, which "emphasized the importance of taking a holistic approach by observing individuals’ behavior and development in the context of the their lives, environments, families, and surroundings" (Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology).

You can learn more about Bronfenbrenner and his theories by reading or skimming some of the following background information sources:


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Much of this information comes from a UH Libraries database called Gale eBooks, which is a source of background information on a variety of topics relevant to this class (and others!).