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ENGL 1303 - Freshman Composition I

Use this guide to find information and research to complete your assignments for ENGL 1303.

Questions to Ask

So much of our information comes to us via social media in various multimedia formats. When analyzing videos, images, infographics, and other multimedia information sources, it's important to have an open, skeptical mind.

Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Who created this media?
    What do you know about them? How did you find that out? 
  • What is the purpose/intent of this media? 
    How do you know? What clues you in?
  • Who is this media for?
    How do you know? or What makes you think that?
  • How does this media make you feel? 

Evaluating Advertisements

The following advertisements are all excellent videos to practice your analytical skills. Keep in mind the Questions to Ask as you view these videos.

You can use the worksheet below to keep track of your analysis.