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ENGL 1301 - First Year Writing I

Use this guide to find resources that will help you complete your assignments for ENGL 1301

How Do I Incorporate Sources Into My Paper?

Why Should I Incorporate Sources?

Quotation marks around a set of lines on paper

Incorporating sources will demonstrate to your reader that you have read other research and are engaging in the scholarly conversation because as you are incorporating sources, you are responding to them and the ideas their authors express, which will help increase your credibility as well. It can also help you make connections between different ideas and allow you to strengthen your argument.

For further help, this interactive lesson covers the different ways to incorporate sources into assignments, including quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing, as well as the importance of citing sources used. It includes video, audio, images, and text as well as a mix of online and offline activities.

How is Synthesis Different than Summary?

Synthesis compares and contrasts information from multiple sources. Synthesis can include summaries, but is more than that. While it can allow you to concisely highlight the key points of one source, it is also a way for you to connect the ideas between different sources and add your own perspective.