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African American Studies Resources


UH Libraries' Special Collections

Located on the 2nd floor of the M.D. Anderson Library, the Special Collections contains historical documents, artifacts and digitized images such as:

Black Panther Papers
Harlem Renaissance Literature
DJ Screw Recordings (see link below)
African American Studies Program Records, 1990-2001
18th century Ethiopian tablets


 Lynn Eusan
Lynn Eusan, First African American
Homecoming Queen at the University
of Houston.
 Courtesy of Special Collections, 
 University of Houston Libraries.

Historical Archives


Take a step back in time and view full issues of these publications via Google Books.


Nov. 1959- Dec. 2008

  Ebony Jr.

May 1973 - Oct. 1985


Nov. 1, 1951 -Oct. 20, 2008


Sept. 1993 - Dec. 2008

Vibe Vixen

Spr. 2005 - Aug/Sept 2007

Black Enterprise

Aug. 1970 - Dec. 2000

Black WorldNegro Digest

Nov. 1961 - Apr. 1976

US Black Engineer & IT

Apr. 23, 1980 - Winter 2011