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African American Studies Resources


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If you wish to browse the collection, try looking for books in the following selected call number areas:

DT1-3415             History of Africa

E184-185.98        United States History - Elements in the population
E184.5-185.98     Afro-Americans
E185.2-185.89     Status and development since emancipation
E185.96-185.98   Biography. Genealogy
E441-453              Slavery in the United States. Antislavery movements

GN537-674           Ethnic groups and races
GR99.6-390          Folklore by region or country

JV8790-9024.5    Emigration and Immigration - Africa

LC2699-2913      Education of Blacks; African-Americans
LG401-681           Educational Institutions - Africa

PE3102                  Black English vernacular
PL8000-8844       African Languages and Literature
PN841                    Black Literature
PQ3980                 Francophone African literature
PS1-3576              American Literature

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