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What is a systematic review?

Systematic review is a unique research method that systematically searches for, congregates, critically evaluates, analyzes, and synthesizes existing research evidence on a well-defined research question. By analyzing all existing research evidence, this method attempts to answer questions that lack conclusive answers.  A systematic review could also be used to capture existing knowledge in a defined research area.

What does this guide offer?

This guide provides basic information, resources, and tools to get researchers started on a systematic review project. The resources selected in this guide are intended to lead you to further helpful information created by many organizations that devote to evidence-based research. 

How can your UH librarians help?

Provide guidance and information to help you:

  • Find existing systematic reviews and protocols
  • Develop your own literature search strategies
  • Critically review the search syntax you created
  • Troubleshoot searches
  • Develop a data management strategy

Direct you to resources to:

  • Learn more about review type studies, existing standards, reporting guidelines, and frameworks that could guide your study
  • Manage the overall process of a systematic review and documentation

Who to contact:

If you have questions or need support in conducting systematic reviews or evidence-based research, please contact the following librarians:

  • Rachel Helbing for Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy, Social Work, Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Health/Human Performance 
  • Stefanie Lapka for Medicine.