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SOCW 6305 - Social Work Research

This course guide serves as a starting point for research for students taking SOCW 6305.

Getting Started

This page is a collection of selected scholarly and popular sources to support research and teaching about racism, oppression, and social injustice in social work and other social sciences. If you have any recommended resources relevant to social work research to add to this page, please contact me.

Tips for Research

To find research articles and resources on antiracism within the library databases:

1. Start with developing keywords around the topic. Example keywords and search terms:

  • racism
  • discrimination
  • bias
  • racially biased
  • systematic racism
  • white privilege
  • white fragility
  • racialized identity
  • intersectionality
  • anti-racism
  • anti-colonial
  • racial privilege
  • racial violence
  • racism and the united states
  • white flight

2. Then, using the search strategies detailed on the course guide, combine some of your terms to form a search query. For example: systemic racism AND anti-Blackness

3. Use the UH Libraries search or select one of the recommended databases on the scholarly sources page of the social work research guide to find research materials.

Find Sources - For Background, History, and Framing the Issues

Antiracism in Social Work

Decolonizing Social Work

"Decolonization can be seen as a continuation of social work’s advocacy on social justice and of progressive elements within the profession that challenge hegemonic forms of practice" (Gray, C. (2016). Decolonizing Social Work. In Decolonizing Social Work. Taylor and Francis.

"Social workers need to understand the history and current issues created by colonization to work effectively with people who have been colonized" (Tamburro, A. Including Decolonization in Social Work Education and Practice, Journal of Indigenous Social Development, Volume 2, Issue 1, September 2013)