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Health Sciences Library Anatomical Models

Anatomical models that are available for check out from the Health Sciences Library

Head & Neck

Deluxe Head & Neck (Quantity: 2)

Picture of a deluxe head and neck model

Nerve Supply of the Head (Quantity: 1)

Picture of a head model with a nerve supply

Muscular Skull (Quantity: 1)

Picture of a muscular skull model

Oversized Three-Part Human Ear (Quantity: 1)

Picture of an oversized three part human ear

Skull (Quantity: 8)

Picture of a skull model

Brain with Arteries (Quantity: 6)

Picture of a brain with arteries model

Brain and Base of Head with Arteries (Quantity: 1)

Picture of a brain model with arteries and the base of a head

Human Eye (Quantity: 8 - 6 giant and 2 small)

Picture of an eye model

Microscopic Structure of the Retina with Choroid and Sclera (Quantity: 1)

Picture of the microscopic structure of an eye