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Health Sciences Library Anatomical Models

Anatomical models that are available for check out from the Health Sciences Library

Chest & Abdomen

Pancreas (Quantity: 1)

Picture of a pancreas model

Liver with Gall Bladder (Quantity: 1)

Picture of a liver with gall bladder model


Kidney (Quantity: 1)

Picture of a kidney model

Stomach (Quantity: 1)

Picture of a stomach model

Human Lungs with Heart and Larynx (Quantity: 1)

Picture of a human lungs with heart and larynx model

Human Heart Anatomy Model with Bypass (Quantity: 1)

Picture of a human heart anatomy model with bypass

2-Part Deluxe Life-Size Human Heart (Quantity: 1)

Picture of a deluxe life size human heart with two parts

Danny Smith Human Heart Reproduction Model (Quantity: 1)

Picture of a Danny Smith human heart reproduction model

Seven-Part Heart Model (Quantity: 2)

Picture of a heart model with seven parts

Five-Part Lung Model with Larynx (Quantity: 2)

Picture of a lung model with larynx with five parts