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Tools and Resources

Data management training 

Data Management Training Clearinghouse - Maintains a full database of trainings and presentations related to data management. 

DataOne Education Modules  - A series of training sessions on data management and data stewardship

Jisc RDM Toolkit - a toolkit to promote structured RDM for researchers and research data practitioners. The tool is based in the UK, but the practices are mostly applicable worldwide.

Purdue's Data Management Introduction and Self-Assessment - provides a basic introduction to data management and a self-assessment tool.

Cornell's Glossary of Data Management Terms - select data management terms defined

MANTRA  - Research Data Management Training - a self driven series of sessions on topics in data management.

Data Management Planning 

DMPtool - the tool we recommend with customized templates for creating quality data management plans

Funder Documentation - information about funder data management requirements from the DMPtool administrators.

Sample DMPs and Guidance - Digital Curation Centre

Links to related institutional resources

UH Digital Research Commons (DRC) - The DRC exists to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary research and build communities of practice around modern digital research methodologies. Our staff partners with faculty and students in the humanities, social sciences, and experimental sciences on digital research projects of all sizes. We will work with you from the earliest stages of formulating a research question to publication and beyond.

UH Division of Research - contains numerous resources for researchers and is the home for the Research Integrity and Oversight (RIO) Office.

UH Information Security - Resources for Information Security at UH including data security and safe computing.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute - High performance computing research institute and infrastructure they offer education and training, and resources and services for researchers across diverse disciplines.

(This list will be continuously updated with resources - please contact Santi Thompson if you know of an important resource to add to this list.)

For related topics and other research services, visit UH Libraries Research Services

Research Data Collaboration Resources

Open Science Framework (OSF) - OSF is a free, open platform to support research collaboration. Developed by the Center for Open Science (COS), the framework is a flexible structure that allows researchers to create projects, add collaborators, store and track versions of files, aggregate content from multiple tools, and publicly share work.

Github - A code hosting platform for version control and collaboration, Github is used for many purposes to share, collaborate, and extend content from multiple places. 

Jupyter Notebook - An open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents containing live code, equations, visualizations, and text. It supports many programming languages, allows multiple methods for sharing, facilitates interactive output in many formats and integrates with many big data tools.

Three key practices  - Justin Kitzes, The Basic Reproducible Workflow Template

Archiving and Sharing Resources

Re3Data - A registry of research data repositories, this is the go-to source for finding a repository for your data. They provide detailed information on over 2,000 Data Repositories.

ICPSR Guide to Data Preparation and Archiving - while the title is focused on social science, the content crosses disciplinary boundaries to provide a firm foundation on many important components of sharing and archiving data and what steps to take in preparing material for archiving and sharing with a repository.

Cougar ROAR and the UH Data Repository - Our institutional data repository, administered through the Texas Data Repository, the platform allows all UH affiliated researchers to share data publicly at no cost to them.

Metadata and Documentation Resources

Metadata Standards Directory - supported by the Research Data Alliance, the directory is a collaborative, open resource, that contains standards, extensions, tools, and use cases for a variety of research disciplines from Arts and Humanities, to STEM fields and Social Sciences.

NISO Primer- Understanding Metadata: by Jenn Riley - This primer provides a comprehensive overview of metadata, including topics such as types of metadata, standardization, and contextual uses. 

Getty Museum - Introduction to Metadata - edited by Murtha Baca, this is the 3rd edition, first published in 1998,  this online resource provides an overview of metadata, including its types, roles, and characteristics; a discussion of metadata as it relates to web resources; and a description of methods, tools, standards, and protocols for publishing and disseminating digital collections.

Metadata for Data Management: a Tutorial - UNC Libraries - This tutorial focuses specifically on metadata in the context of data management including links to further educational modules within the pages.