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Data Management Plans

Writing your Plan

A set of questions or a template will ensure you cover all the elements needed in a plan. UH Libraries recommends the DMPtool. It has multiple templates from the major funding agencies and programs, plus guidance from data management experts built into the web interface. 

DMPtool logo blue with caption "Build your DMP"

The DMPTool will help you to create a funding agency-specific DMP for your research.  

To begin:

  1. Click on the image above and select University of Houston (UH) from the sign in menu. 

  2. You will be prompted to login with your Cougarnet information.

  3. Select the funding agency and directorate (if applicable) or choose the University of Houston template, and begin filling out the required information.  

  4. If you have any questions about the form or your responses, please contact Santi Thompson.

A better question might be - why wouldn’t you?

To communicate compliance

Ethical and security considerations

  • Plans clearly communicate your actions to maintain privacy and security for your research subjects and any sensitive data.

Research Quality

  • Reduces Loss - Covers issues of security, back-up, and file integrity
  • Increase understanding - for self and others using clear, comprehensive documentation
  • Ease Preparation - for related presentations, publications, and sharing needs.

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