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Introduction to Tableau

This guide is to help faculty and students get started with Tableau.

Tableau I - Introductory Workshop Exercise

Download the American Community Survey data for 2016. Do the following:

  • Create a map representing median household income.
  • Create a bar chart for different states, order by population 25 years older with doctoral degree. Create a filter to select states. 
  • Bonus question: Is it true that as total population increase, the number of person with doctoral degree also increase? (Hint: use scatter plot)

Tableau II Workshop Exercise

Download the Inc5000 data. Do the following:

  • Union the two tabs (part1 and part2), verify if successful
  • Create a field called target revenue as 10% more than the current revenue
  • Create a topN parameter and let users select to show topN high revenue companies
  • For the top 20 revenue companies, add reference band for median and average for the entire table, using dotted lines


Tableau III Workshop Exercise

Select a sample dataset of your interest from Tableau’s sample data website . Create a dashboard or storyboard that meets the following criteria:

  • You need to have at least two different types of visualizations for your dashboard or storyboard, such as a map, a bar graph, a line graph, a boxplot, or a tree map.
  • You need to create a filter for users to interact with your visualization. Your filter needs to be applied to all of your visualizations, i.e. if the user changes something, all of the visualizations will change accordingly.
  • Create your account and publish your dashboard or storyboard to Tableau public.