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THEA 2308 - Design for Dance (Verheyen)

Research guide to support THEA 2308- Fundamental of Design for Dance

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about how to locate resources in the library?

Guides and tutorials for locating library materials can be found in each of our tabs in the Music Resources Research Guide. 
In some cases, there are printable guides to assist you in your search. In most guides, you can find these handouts in a box titled "Guides and Tutorials." Most of these printable guides are also available in large print.

Here is a list of a few Research Guide pages that include helpful hints and tips for locating resources:

Where do I find class guides?

You can see all of the class guides from around the university using the link below. Click the "Music" section to choose from guides created specifically for classes from within the School of Music.

Class Research Guides

Looking for lots of helpful info in one place?

Check out the Student Resource Center in the Music Library. It is fully equipped with printed guides, tutorials, and other handouts. 

Writing Help

Need writing help?

Check out The Writing Center at UH for one-on-one writing consultations for writing assignments of any size. 

Trouble with citations?

For help with citations, check out the Cite It page in the Music Resources research guide. The Cite It page includes several sub-pages of information and citation guidelines for essays, term papers, and dissertations that can be accessed through the Cite It drop-down 

Need help with planning out a research project?

Try this Research Project Calculator. It offers a five-step model for navigating the research process and helps you manage your time.

See the documents in the Writing Guides box to the right to find even more info to steer you in the right direction when beginning a research project. They include a tutorial for a note taking process and an example of how to create a timeline when working on a major project.

Developing Keywords

If you aren't getting any results, OR are getting useless results when searching the catalog and databases, watch this video for tips on how to develop better keywords.