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THEA 2308 - Design for Dance (Verheyen)

Research guide to support THEA 2308- Fundamental of Design for Dance

Finding Images

Proprietary databases will often let you find images, but they will often have very strict rules about using/sharing the images. While Educational and parody use is allowed, be sure to check each individual entry for the authorization to use thumbnails and how to cite the image.  Note that CC-Jstor images are indexed in DPLA.


Art Museum Image Gallery

The Art Museum Image Gallery is a rich digital resource of art images and related multimedia gathered from the collections of distinguished museums around the world.


Searchable database of more than 300,000 digital images and associated catalog data.

Bridgeman Art Library Archive

A large archive of images, including fine art, design, antiques, maps, architecture, furniture, glass, ceramics, anthropological artifacts and many others

Creative Commons Website

The Creative Commons website acts as an federated search for copyright-friendly images, music videos, etc to incorporate into your work. 

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)

Collection of items from the Library of Congress, HathiTrust, and the Internet Archive, providing books, images, historic records, and audiovisual materials to anyone with Internet access.
NOTE: DPLA is working on a permissions filter, in the meantime be sure to check the "RIGHTS" section of the DPLA display, and/or look for PERMISSIONS/RESTRICTIONS in the original (source) collection

School of Art Visual Resources Library

The online collection of the UH School of Art' Visual Resources department.

Capturing Images

Before capturing images for use, always be aware of image ownership and usage rights. See "Working with Images" above for more information.

DOWNLOAD: When you have a "download' button the metadata embedded within the photo as well, be careful to download from a reputable site to avoid viruses.

SAVE AS: If there is no Download button:

PC: Right-click and "Save As" 

Mac: Clover-click

(If no Save-as option, try using Firefox and "View page info": more here)

SCREENSHOT:  If you want a still of a video, pause and take a screenshot using:

PC:  prtSc and paste into Paint.

MAC:  Preview and take a screenshot. 

Working with Images

Reasonable use of images and media in teaching, course papers and projects, and graduate theses/dissertations is generally covered by fair use.  However, this may not always be the case. When in doubt, try to locate a Terms of Use statement for the image to determine usage rights. Below are more resources to help you assess fair use.