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How to Submit Your Work

Prepare your submission

  1. Submission must meet the following criteria:
    1. The work falls into the accepted categories of works. For more information on the types of works that are accepted, see the UHIR Policies.
    2. The work was created while I was an employee or student of UH.
    3. I hold the copyright to the work, and/or I have permission from any other copyright holders to submit this version of the work to the repository.
      1. If you have transferred your copyright to a publisher, you are likely still able to deposit a version of your article or book chapter into UHIR. To determine your journal or publisher's policy towards submitting to an institutional repository, we recommend consulting SHERPA/RoMEO, a public database of publisher copyright policies. Bear in mind that, while SHERPA/RoMEO is a reliable resource, it does not cover all journals or publishers, and should not be relied upon as legal counsel.
      2. For help determining your rights as an author or for clarification around copyright issues, please contact Taylor Davis-Van Atta (, Head of Research Services.
  2. We recommend submitting a widely supported file format, such as PDF for text-based works. However, many file formats are supported by the IR, including audio, video, and Microsoft Office file formats.



Deposit a new work


  1. From the UH Institutional Repository main page, click on the “Start a Submission” button

  2. Log in using your Cougarnet username and password

  3. Use the drop down to select “UH Faculty, Staff, and Student Works”

  4. Describe your work with some basic information (for more detailed instructions on describing your dataset, please see the UH Institutional Repository Description Guidelines):

    1. Author(s) (required)

    2. ORCID (optional)

    3. Title (required)

    4. UH Department (required)

    5. Date of Publication (required)

    6. DOI or URL (optional)

    7. Type (required)

    8. Language (required)

    9. Keywords (optional)

    10. Abstract/Description (optional)

  5. Upload the file(s).

  6. Verify your submission.

  7. Grant DSpace Distribution License.

  8. Complete submission. Your submission will be processed by UH Libraries staff within 2 weeks. You will be notified when your submission is posted.