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UH Dataverse Repository Policies

Content Guidelines

  • University of Houston Dataverse Repository is configured to accept any particular type and subject of research data. These include spreadsheets, sensor and instrument data, surveys, imagery, video etc.

  • Formats such as journal articles and conference papers resulting from research should be submitted to the UH Institutional Repository.

  • There is a 4GB limit for any file uploaded to the UH Dataverse Repository and 10GB limit for any project.

Data Submission

  • Items may only be deposited by faculty, staff, students, or delegated agents of University of Houston (UH) with a valid CougarNet account.

  • The validity and authenticity of the content of submissions is the sole responsibility of the depositor.

  • No sensitive data or data with personally identifiable information is accepted to the repository. Any confidentiality, intellectual property, or copyright violations are entirely the responsibility of the authors/depositors. If the repository uncovers a violation of confidentiality, intellectual property or copyright, the relevant item will be removed immediately.

  • Please contact Santi Thompson, with questions about ensuring your data is able to be shared openly.


Digital Preservation

  • Texas Data Repository provides basic, bit-level preservation through fixity checks and secure backup of deposited content for a minimum period of ten years after it is deposited.

  • Long-term preservation of Texas Data Repository content, beyond the ten-year retention period, is subject to the Texas Digital Library’s selection criteria, appraisal of the content, and budgetary and technical support of resources. Selection criteria priorities includes:

    • Research data associated with publications

    • Stand-alone data publications with high research value

Access and Use

  • The accessibility of content in the UH Dataverse Repository for reuse is determined by the level of access selected by the depositor. These levels include open, controlled, and restricted access.


Unless otherwise stipulated by the specific terms of use, datasets found in the Texas Data Repository can be reused for a series of purposes, including reproducing, displaying, performing, or giving to third parties in any format or medium. Those reusing content should abide by the Creative Commons BY License Attribution 4.0 International. For more information, see the Texas Data Repository Community Norms or contact Santi Thompson, with questions.

Information Security

  • The TDL actively provides services to ensure the accuracy, integrity, authenticity, and permanence of the digital content that it manages, as well as the security of the services and platforms.


  • Items may be deaccessioned from the repository for the following reasons:

    • Copyright violation

    • Legal requirements and proven violations

    • National security

    • Falsified research

    • Confidentiality concerns

  • Items may also be deaccessioned from the repository by the depositor.


General Terms of Use for Users

See the Texas Data Repository General Terms of Use or the Texas Data Repository policy page.