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About the UH Dataverse

The University of Houston (UH) Dataverse is an open access repository for researchers associated with the University of Houston to share and preserve their research data. The repository contains datasets produced by the University of Houston community that are available for public access and reuse. Datasets deposited to the UH Dataverse are automatically given a citation and a persistent link, increasing the attribution, usage tracking, impact, and visibility of research.

Why should I deposit data in the UH Dataverse?

  • Sharing your data — the UH Dataverse gives you a convenient and reliable place to collect, share, and preserve your research data.

  • Persistent links — By publishing your data in the UH Dataverse, you give your data a DOI, making it easy for others to cite reliably and increasing your scholarly impact.

  • Preservation — Ensure the long-term storage, preservation, and retrieval of your data, through the Texas Digital Library and the Texas Data Repository’s adherence to standards and best practices for digital archiving and preservation.

  • Compliance with grant requirements — The UH Dataverse can help you comply with funding agency requirements to publish and archive your research data.

  • Restricted access to your data — The UH Dataverse allows you to share your data and works-in-progress with a select group of colleagues, version your data, and publish it when you are ready.

  • Local support from your library — You can rely on your librarian to help guide you in preparing your data set for deposit into the UH Dataverse. Please contact the Cougar ROAR support team ( to set up a consultation.

Who can deposit?

    The UH Dataverse welcomes deposits from:

  • Current UH faculty, research staff, students, and delegated agents of the University of Houston, with a valid CougarNet account.

  • Multi-institutional collaborations including at least one participant actively employed by University of Houston.

What kinds of data are accepted?

    The UH Dataverse accepts:

  • Research data from all disciplines.

  • Data in any file format, both nonproprietary and proprietary formats that are widely used.

    The UH Dataverse cannot accept:

  • Data that contains confidential or sensitive information.