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Anthropology Resources

Learn about the research process and resources for anthropology

What are scholarly sources?

                A check mark in the middle of a magnifying glass o            Scholarly sources (sometimes called "secondary sources") are how scholars, like your course instructors, document their studies and share the conclusions of their work. 

You may have heard the terms "scholarly article" or "academic article." They both refer to types of scholarship. 

Traditionally, scholarly sources are books, articles, and conference presentations.

Be sure to ask your instructor if you have any questions about their source requirements for an assignment. Sometimes instructors require a certain number of sources to be peer-reviewed. 

What is peer review?

To learn about the peer review process, watch the video below:

Where can I find scholarly sources?

Below is a list of resources to find scholarly sources in books and journal articles. A complete list of databases containing scholarship in anthropology can be found on the UH Libraries website