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HDFS 2320 - Research Methods in Human Development and Family Studies

Learn how to locate and evaluate research across the human lifespan with an emphasis on families

Developing Research Questions

icon of a lightbulb with a question mark inside of it Selecting a research question often begins by determining what topics or subjects interest you! You're much more likely to "stick with" a research project if it's something you care about and have a strong interest in. But even this first step requires that you do some exploratory research. After checking on the requirements for your research assignment to determine what topics are appropriate, start exploring possibilities! Watch the following video to get started on this process. 


Video Transcript

(video adapted from NCSU Libraries)

From Research Topic to Research Question

Once you've learned more about a topic area you'd like to research, it's important to start brainstorming potential research questions. This is arguably one of the most challenging but rewarding parts of the research process. Research questions are an expression of your curiosity! They articulate not only what you are interested in, but why it matters to you and why it should matter to others. Developing a research question takes time, but it is also the beginning of meaningful research. 

The Developing a Research Question lesson can help you get started on your journey. You may use the following worksheets as you complete the lesson: