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ENGL 1304 - Freshman Composition II

Use this guide to find information and research to complete your assignments for ENGL 1304.

Evaluate Sources

Apply these four main criteria in order to evaluate the credibility of sources in the context of your research question:

Author's Credentials

  • What expertise does the source's author have related to your research question?
  • How much will your audience respect this author's type of expertise?


  • How important is the publication date for your research question?
  • If you need more current information, was the source published recently enough?
  • If you need historical information, how is the source's timeframe appropriate for your research question?


  • What specific aspects of your research question does the source address?
  • How could you use this information in connection with other sources for this project?

Source Type

  • What type of source is it? How does it fit with your assignment requirements?
  • How would the language and intent of this source resonate with the audience of your paper?