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ENGL 1302 - First Year Writing II

Use this guide to find information and research to complete your assignments for ENGL 1302

Identify Types of Information

variety of media types represented by a smartphone, an envelope, a chart, and others


This page will help you familiarize yourself with different types of information sources that you might encounter in your research. Knowing the characteristics of information source types is important in understanding what types of information to use at different points in your research process. This is relevant to most assignments in ENGL 1302 that require outside sources, but especially in cases where your instructor has requested you use specific types of sources.

Source Types

Before you start to search for sources, it will be helpful to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of information source types. This will give you an idea of what types of sources might make most sense for your particular topic. This section breaks down important characteristics of different information source types you might consider using in your assignments.

Information Cycle

The Information Cycle is the progression of media coverage of a particular newsworthy event.  Knowing about the information cycle will help you to better recognize how different information sources will cover your topic and which types of information sources to consult.

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