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SOCW 6305 - Research & Knowledge Building in Social Work Practice

This guide provides information resources for students in the SOCW 6305 course (Research foundation for Social Work).

Databases for Finding Articles

Which one is a peer-reviewed, empirical article?

  1. Muñoz, J., Griesse, R., & Basso, P. (2016). Ongoing Progress in Reducing Teen Pregnancy. Policy & Practice (19426828), 74(5), 24-42.
  2. Murphy-Erby, Y., Stauss, K., & Koh, E. (2015). The Family Festival Prevention Model: Findings from a pilot of a teenage pregnancy prevention programme conceptualised by and for Mexican American communities. Sex Education, 15(6), 567-579. doi:10.1080/14681811.2015.1036982

Writing Tips