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Art Resources

Guide to art resources at UH

Key Resources: IPEF

It may be appropriate for IPEF (Interdisciplinary Practices and Emerging Forms) researchers to consult another collection or subject specialist.  There are three branches of the UH Libraries system:  Architecture & Art, Music, and Optometry.  A library in the UH Law Center is also open to all students.  The collections and librarians for all other disciplines may be found in the M.D. Anderson Library.  Contact the Architecture and Art Library when in need of a referral.  

Articles and Data on Manufacturing, Engineering, and Design

Art supplies

Students may borrow non-consumable art & design supplies from the library. Students may check-out these items at the service desk or ask a staff member for assistance.

Supply List:

  • T-squares
  • Architectural rulers
  • Choppers
  • Drafting ruler sets
  • Drawing boards
  • X-ACTO knife sets