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Using the Library Search Interface

Search the library collections

What do the search results represent?

When you do a search in the library search interface, the results that appear represent information sources such as articles, books, and electronic documents. There will be a label near the top of each search result to indicate the type of source represented, such as "article" or "image."

University of Houston Libraries search interface with the keyword "Shasta" in the search bar, the "tweak your results" menu displayed to the left, and three search results visible. The three search results show "image," "book," and "article" highlighted by orange boxes to indicate the type of source of each.

What Does the Libraries Online Search Interface Search?

The Libraries search interface is a good jumping off point to search a wide variety of library services. The library search interface returns results from many different kinds of library resources, including but not limited to the following:

  • Physical items found in the UH Libraries buildings, such as:
    • books
    • printed academic journals
    • music scores
  • Digital items found in UH Libraries digital repositories, such as:
    • theses and dissertations
    • digitized archival items
  • Electronic resources from UH Libraries' subscriptions, such as:
    • journal articles 
    • ebooks

While UH Libraries has access to an expansive variety of resources, please note that the results in this search interface are not completely comprehensive and are limited to the materials the Libraries can access through purchase or subscription. This means that there may be some items you can access through the Libraries that may not appear in the search results, and also that there are some resources that exist which may not appear in the results because the Library has not yet secured access. 

In either case, the Library can help you access materials in a variety of ways, even if we have not yet purchased or subscribed to them, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you do not see a particular item and would like to use it.