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Art Resources

Image Databases

These databases offer very high-resolution images, as well as descriptive information.  Some include tools that allow users to zoom, pan and rotate images before printing or saving.  





UH Digital Library

The UH Digital Library contains digitized and downloadable images from the Kenneth Franzheim II Rare Books Room and the M.D. Anderson Library's Special Collections.  Collections include the Medieval Manscript Leaves and Fragments, Moderner Volkskunst Zierat, SEM Collection (1914-1925), and Student Art Exhibits

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Free Online Image Collections

Commons on Flickr

A joint project between Flickr and The Library of Congress, with the goal of increasing access to publicly-held photography collections.

Creative Commons 

A non-profit that allows users to share their photographs and use others' photographs, while still allowing photographers to retain their copyright.  

Digital Public Library of America

A program that makes publicly accessible the collections of libraries, archives and museums.  


Free art and design images for education, sponsored by the University of Creative Arts in the United Kingdom.  

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia's database of shared user-produced image files.  

When all else fails, use Google Image Search, Bing Image Search, or another image-only search engine.