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Advanced Keyword Search

Key Terms

When searching a particular artist use his or her proper name or put the last name, first name when searching in the Subject field of a catalog. 

When searching a style or movement, expand your search using a *.  Searching for Impression* will bring up Impressionist, Impressionistic, and Impressionism. 

When searching a period, use multiple terms for more complete results.  For example, use:

  • 13th century
  • Thirteenth century
  • 13th c.
  • Middle Ages
  • Medieval
  • Dark Ages

Expanding your search with multiple search terms also works well when searching a technique, concept, or other art term

For a thorough list of search terms, see A Practical Handbook for Writing in the Humanities, prepared by the Art History Faculty at the University of Houston.  

Find Streaming Videos

UH researchers may access an increasingly large collection of streaming videos through databases and streaming servers.  The titles may be found in the catalog or researchers may elect to search the databases themselves.  Streaming servers may be accessed through the library catalog and website.  (Links below.) A CougarNet ID is required to view the films.  

Kanopy is a service providing streaming videos for educational purposes.  It includes documentaries on artists, traits, works, interviews, theory, major art periods, history, culture, and related subjects. 

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