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Resources for Publishing in Nursing

This guide to publishing in nursing provides links to resources and tutorials to assist you in the publishing process, from finding a journal to tracking your publications.

Publish in Nursing

Find resources to help you as you publish your nursing research. Click on the tabs on the left side of the page to find links and tutorials for the various steps of the publishing process:

  • Find a journal
  • Avoid predatory publishing
  • Consider open access
  • Contribute to the digital repositories, Cougar ROAR
  • Track your publications

Recent Andy & Barbara Gessner College of Nursing articles in PubMed

Sharrief, A. Z., Guzik, A. K., Jones, E., Okpala, M., Love, M. F., Ranasinghe, T. I. J., & Bushnell, C. (2023). Telehealth Trials to Address Health Equity in Stroke Survivors. Stroke54(2), 396–406. 

Beauchamp, J. E. S., Sharrief, A., Chaoul, A., Casameni Montiel, T., Love, M. F., Cron, S., Prossin, A., Selvaraj, S., Dishman, D., & Savitz, S. I. (2023). Feasibility of a meditation intervention for stroke survivors and informal caregivers: a randomized controlled trial. BMC psychology11(1), 9.

Bui, D., McWilliams, L. A., Wu, L., Zhou, H., Wong, S. J., You, M., Chow, D. S., Singh, R., & Hu, M. (2022). Pharmacokinetic Basis for Using Saliva Matrine Concentrations as a Clinical Compliance Monitoring in Antitumor B Chemoprevention Trials in Humans. Cancers15(1), 89.

Online Tutorials

Access a list of all the online video tutorials included in this guide, gathered on one page.