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MUSIC 2362 - Music History I (Turner)

Survey of western classical music from the Middle Ages through the Baroque.

Course Overview

This course focuses on listening skills, content comprehension and scholarly engagement with the music of Western Europe from the Ancient Greeks to 1750. 

Over the course of this semester, studies will focus on:

  • Conceptual understanding of important western musical styles and composers from the Medieval through the Baroque through reading, score study, and aural analysis.
  • Continued practice in developing listening skills needed for stylistic analysis.
  • To look at events and cultures that influenced musical styles and composers and to discover how the past touches and influences the present.
  • A fundamental knowledge of the major characteristics, forms, and persons associated with the various eras in music history, and the ability to employ this understanding aurally and verbally.
  • A challenge to find new and broader understandings of the nature of music, trends, cultures, and society at different periods in history.

Required Course Materials

Online Resources:

Print Resources: