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Music Education Research Guide

A guide to frequently used Music Education Resources.

Frequently Used Resources

Welcome to the Music Education Research Guide!

This guide points to helpful resources for Music Education in the Music Library, as well Databases and career resources. 

Browsing the Shelves

Most Music Education books are shelved in the MTs.

MT 1: Theory of Musical Instruction
MT 2-5: History and Criticism
MT 180-257: Keyboard Instruction
MT 259-338: String Instruction
MT 339-538: Wind Instruction
MT 655-722: Percussion Instruction
MT 730: Orchestral Instruction and study
MT 733-733.6: Band Instruction and study
MT 740-810: Instruction and study for children
MT 820-949: Singing and voice instruction

Other books important to Music Education are shelved in the MLs.

ML 3830-3840: Psychology
ML 3845-3877: Aesthetics
ML 3880-3923: Criticism
ML 3930: Literature on music for children