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MUSI 6310 - History of Music Theory

A guide for Dr. Snyder's course on the History of Western Music Theory from Pythagoras to the twentieth century.

History of Music Theory

Print Resources

When locating print resources for MUSI 6310...

Explore the following relative catalog numbers for resources related to music theory:

  • ML128.T5             Bibliographies for Music Theory
  • ML170s                Gerbert, Coussemaker, CSM     
  • ML423                  Writings on Theorists    
  • ML430                  Histories of Theory
  • MT5.5 – MT7        Rudiments of Music Theory (Instruction and Study)

 Consider the subject headings below when browsing the library catalog for materials:

  • Music Theory 
  • Music Theory History
  • Music Theory History 15th Century (or the time period most pertinent to your research. For example, 500-1400, 16th century, 17th century, etc.)
  • Music Theory Periodicals
  • Music Theorists 

Browse for articles in the following journals:

Web Resources

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