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Health Science Executive EdD Resource Guide

A guide to library resources relevant for students in the Executive Doctor of Education Degree (Ed.D.) in Professional Leadership with an Emphasis in Health Science Education.


Welcome to the Health Science Executive EdD Resource Guide. 

Accessing Resources via UH Libraries

All electronic resources from the University of Houston University Libraries are accessible with your CougarNet login. If you do not know your CougarNet login, please follow the link below for information and help.

Make sure to access resources via the links on this page. For example, do not simply visit - use the custom PubMed link provided below. This will ensure you are able to get the full-text of UH Libraries' subscriptions. As you are searching, simply login to your CougarNet account when prompted.

If you come across something to which UH Libraries does not subscribe, you can request it via InterLibrary Loan (ILL), at no cost to you. More information on ILL is available at the link below.

Detailed instructions on accessing full text through PubMed and requesting ILL articles is available on the pages at the left.

Core Biomedical Databases

Finding Surveys / Questionnaires / Instruments

Finding a Journal in which to Publish