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HDCS 4380 - Merchandising (Jacobs)


Welcome to the library research guide for HDCS 4380 (Professor Jacobs).  Use the resources below for your research and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Company Research Resources

The Company Research Resources guide provides tools to find information about a company's financial status, investment outlook, and structure:

  • Company Information
  • Annual Reports & SEC filings
  • Analyst Reports & SWOT Analyses
  • Competitors
  • Financial Ratios

Industry Research

The Industry Research Resources guide provides access databases you will need to start gathering data about an industry or an industrial sector.

  • Industry Information
  • Industry Analysis & Statistics
  • Industry Competition
  • Industry Reports

Market Research Resources

 The Marketing Research guide contains resources for locating information for market research projects.

  • Demographics & Target Markets
  • Market Potential Index
  • Market Research Reports
  • Market Share, Size & Rankings
  • Psychographics & Consumer Behavior
  • Retail Business Market Research Handbook