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Citing Your Sources

This page will explain why and when to cite, and provide access to an in depth guide on how to cite using various tools offered by the library and available on the web. 

Why do we cite?

Citations are an important part of the research conversation, and an immediate way to establish your credibility to readers. By citing your sources you are also giving your readers an opportunity to learn more about the subject so they can fully engage with your paper. 

When do we cite?

You should always cite your sources any time you are providing new information to your reader, even when the information is well known in your field. This establishes your credibility and helps your reader gain a foundational understanding of the topic. The most common way to provide this information is through a summary, paraphrase, or a quote

If you would like to continue learning more about incorporating sources into your research, check out this quick and easy Incorporating Sources module 

Citation Management Tool Guide

Below is a link to a complete guide on citation tools and how to use them: